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As you start to think about introducing food to your little one, you will face more questions than answers. You will hear different things from your pediatrician, the internet, your best friend, your mom groups, and your own mom. So, where are you to turn?

Tiny Tasters: Baby's First Bites will silence the noise, and teach you everything you need to know about how to feed your baby in a safe, nutritious, baby-guided, flavorful and fun way. 

I created Tiny Tasters after seeing the demand for this information from so many parents. It is based on my clinical training, but I weave in my personal experience as mom of 3. I’m right in this with you! The baby sitting beside me in the videos is my own Luna (who was 8 months at the time of filming). I get that headspace is limited for new parents, which is why I designed the class to be re-watchable, so that you can return and review topics as your baby's feeding progresses. 

What You Learn

We cover feeding from 4-12 months

  • When to introduce food

  • Feeding gear

  • Baby-guided feeding

  • Progressing textures from first foods to finger foods

  • Current recommendations on allergies

  • Introducing key food groups, flavors and spices

  • Baby cereals - to use or skip

  • Baby portions and amounts 

  • When and how to wean off the breast or bottle

  • Creating balanced meals

  • Foods to avoid - choking hazards

  • Raising adventurous eaters and preventing picky eaters 

  • Fostering positive mealtimes

  • Making and shopping for baby food

  • Poop changes and constipation

  • Troubleshooting 

What You Get

  • 11 short, easy-to-digest, re-watchable videos 

  • Total of 70 minutes of video content (videos range 2-13 minutes in length)

  • 15 downloadable handouts or cheatsheets, to use as your notes and guides - you keep forever 

  • 10 original, downloadable baby food recipes - you keep forever 

Who Should Watch

  • Parents or caregivers (nannies, grandparents, childcare centers)

  • Healthcare professionals

How to Watch

  • Purchase the class by clicking Watch Class

  • The class is divided into units based on topics

  • Watch the videos in consecutive numerical, order at your own pace

  • You can watch the entire class at once (70 minutes) or one video at a time

  • After clicking into a video, find handouts and recipes in Resources tab to follow along as you watch

  • Return to the videos, or your downloadable handouts, as needed to review topics 

  • I encourage both partners to both watch - either solo or together! 

  • Still have more questions? See FAQ 

"Tiny Tasters made introducing solids fun, approachable and a family experience. She encouraged us to incorporate spices and flavor so my son’s meals are an extension of ours. This made making baby food feel do-able for two working parents. This was one of the most empowering events I have attended as a new mother."

Julie - New Mom