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Nicole Silber Tiny Tasters Baby's First Bites

Nicole Silber, RD, CSP, CLC + Mom

I am a registered dietitian, board certified specialist in pediatric nutrition, and certified lactation counselor in private practice in NYC. I have a decade of experience working with children and families with chronic medical conditions, food allergies, picky eating, oral-motor and sensory processing disorders, infant nutrition, breastfeeding, gastrointestinal conditions, prematurity, underweight and obesity. I have taught Tiny Tasters classes to hundreds of parents. I have and currently do work with various baby food companies, including Simple Starters by FoodieKid, Beech-Nut and Else Nutrition. I spent 5 years in clinical settings as a clinical nutritionist at the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia and at NYU Langone/Fink Children's Ambulatory Care Center.

I live in Westchester, NY, and am a proud mama to my own 3 tiny tasters who help inspire my work: Lily (5 years old), Luna (3 years old) and Nessa (5 months).

To work with me, contact me here. I offer in person and video consultations.

I have trusted Nicole for her expertise in working with my families and their nutritional needs. She remains a trusted and reassuring source for parents eager to optimize what and how to feed their children.  My families and I are grateful for her.

Lisa Thebner, M.D.

Pediatrician at West End Pediatrics - NYC

Watch these helpful tips for a tiny peek into the class

The statements expressed in the class are not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of a pediatrician. Please consult with your pediatrician before starting solids and with any concerns you may have. This information does not apply to preterm babies or those with special health needs.