LIVE Classes

Tiny Tasters: Feeding Toddlers & Pre-schoolers

Ages 1-5

A popular follow up class to Tiny Tasters: Baby's First bites.

This 90 minute class will teach you everything you need need to know about how to feed your toddler and pre-schooler, raise healthy and adventurous eaters, manage the dreaded picky eating, toddler grazing and tummy troubles. The goal is to bring joy (back) to mealtimes for you and your little one. 

This live class is not recorded, and is not available to rewatch.

What We Cover

  • Age appropriate mealtime patterns, foods and portion sizes

  • Milk and non-dairy alternatives

  • Key nutrients to focus on

  • The do's and don'ts of snacking

  • Ways to introduce flavor and create adventurous eaters

  • What is normal "picky" toddler eating vs problematic eating

  • Managing food refusal 

  • Fostering positive mealtime environment

  • What to do and how to stay calm when mealtimes don't go as planned

  • Managing tummy trouble

  • Nutritionist approved grocery list

  • Favorite feeding gear

  • Kitchen hacks and easy recipes to make cooking quick, easy and less messy

  • Transitioning off of the bottle or breast

    What You Get

  • Handouts

  • Original recipes

  • Live Q&A

    Contact me to host one